Brazilian Blowout Investigation

Cadiveu Brand Continues Complete Investigation

Cadiveu USA is pleased to announce our air quality monitoring of the salon working environment testing has arrived. We adhere to the highest standards for monitoring air quality so that we could accurately determine salon exposure limits. To do so, we utilized Active Pump Monitoring which is preferred by OSHA and other regulatory authorities as it provides the most accurate and useful information.

Our results indicate that while performing a Cadiveu Keratin Treatment, Stylist exposure to formaldehyde gas is less than 0.097 ppm*, while the most stringent Occupational Safety And Health Administration (OSHA) standard is 0.5 ppm*. Therefore, exposures are more than five times below the level considered safe by OSHA. Client exposures, as expected, were substantially lower, 0.063 ppm*, or almost 8 times below OSHA’s most stringent exposure level.

We also commissioned a Quantitative 13C NMR test. The NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) spectroscopy has long been an invaluable analytical method in the scientific industry for verification of chemical synthesis and compound characterization. The power of NMR spectroscopy is truly unparalleled in the arena of structural identification of organic and biochemical compounds.

The results of the 13C NMR test confirm that the Cadiveu Brazil Cacau Thermal Reconstructive Solution has a Free Formaldehyde level of 0.0010%.

All of our testing to date clearly demonstrates that Cadiveu Brazil Cacau brand of products ingredients and salon exposures are well below standards for safety set by governmental agencies.

Our studies also demonstrate the need for consumers to ask their salon professional about proper ventilation. Poor salon ventilation, failing to follow manufacturers recommended application instructions or using excessive amounts of product on the hair, has resulted in irritation for clients and salon professionals. It is clear that if ventilation appropriate to the salon services are not utilized, many types of professional salon treatments may expose salon professionals to irritating or sensitizing levels of vapors and dusts.

This can be seen with the use of many types of professional products ranging from hair color to nail products and other professional products designed for the professional environment. That is not to say that these types of professional services should not be used. Rather, it should remind consumers to rely on your salon professional with a demonstrated track record of integrity and trust. Ask questions about the products used in your services and about the salon ventilation systems, no matter what types of services are being performed.

Cadiveu USA is committed to providing education and a complete investigation of this very real issue. We are working to provide honest, accurate and complete information to the public and professional beauty industry.

Our own research has continued in understanding new technology for proper salon ventaltion. Lilly Balasanyan, President of Cadiveu USA and owner of Envy Salon and Spa (Sherman Oaks, CA.) is so committed to providing complete information that she is personally involved in testing ventilation systems. Our team from Brazil is continuing their work and is sharing the results of the scientific testing they have conducted in other parts of the world. Our panel of experts that include Doug Schoon of Schoon Scientific, David Steinberg of Steinberg and Associates, Howard Baker of Product Integrity Labs and others continue to help us identify ways to create a greater understanding for safety in our industry. We have contacted the Professional Beauty Association and are working with them to become a founding member of a proposed council of the hair smoothing category in professional salons. * Eight hour time weighted exposure or 8 hour TWA

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